Meet Leslie Alarrazabal

Today you get the chance to meet one of our most-promising young stars. Leslie came to us straight out of college, but with a lot of experience including some time she spent at local bootcamps and incubators. She is extremely talented, but most importantly she is incredibly nice and always has a smile on her […]

Fun Day in TJ with Clients and Friends

We love showing our clients and friends Tijuana for two reasons. First, creating relationships between our clients and their DUDE team is one of the things that makes our company special. Very few organizations offer that face-to-face interaction like we do here at DUDE. After chatting with your Pod Leader online and over zoom for […]

The Proper Way to Drink Tequila by Chris Martinez

Chris is a huge fan of tequila. And while he doesn’t drink that often, the go to for a night out is a nice glass of tequila. Forget the whistle. Forget the worm. You can event forget the lime. A great tequila is a sophisticated drink that is usually enjoyed sipping. But whether you sip […]

Real Mexican eat fake tacos

You might have heard that Americans (stupidly) named Taco Bell the #1 Mexican Restaurant in the US. Well that outraged many of us Americans who are regularly enjoying AUTHENTIC Mexican food on both sides of the border. While Taco Bell might be super popular in the States, did you know that the overwhelming majority of […]

Mexicans Teaching Spanish Part 3: Qué Pedo

Have you ever wondered why Mexicans use the word “Fart” (aka Pedo) for basically everything? Well today we are going to explain how Mexicans use the word “Pedo” in everyday life and how you too can be a pedo expert. Not to mention that we’re going to teach you all kinds of other fun slang […]

Mexicans Teach Gringos Spanish Part 2: Bad words are the best words

We’re continuing our education for you gringos with some more Mexican slang that you can use to entertain your friends, get in good with your Mexican neighbors, and just be more cool when you visit Mexico. Today you’ll learn some of the Mexican words that will get you kicked out of church, but will help […]

Mexicans Teach Gringos Spanish Part 1: No M*mes G*ey

If you’ve taken high school Spanish then you know the common phrases like “Donde esta el bano?”, “Cuanto cuesta?”, and “El queso es muy viejo”. But did you know that there is more to Spanish than what Senora Gutierrez taught you??? In fact, every country has it’s own slang and phrases that make the language […]

To Hell and back. Part 2: Climbing out of Hell

Everyone goes through tough times and no matter what happens you always have a choice. You can choose to get drowned out by the darkness or you can choose to find the light. After losing his father to cancer just 3 days before his 27th birthday, Chris talks about the difficult times that followed. Dealing […]