To hell and back Part 1: Losing My Hero

Losing a parent is always one of the most difficult things that one can go through. Cancer doesn’t care if you were a good person or a bad person. Cancer doesn’t care how much money you have. Cancer doesn’t care if you have kids. Discover part one of Chris Martinez’s journey to hell and back […]

DUDE agency: Aldo Ramos

Today we’re chatting with Aldo (or Aldor as he’s known in the office. He is one of our youngest team members, but also one of our brightest shining stars.

E42 Ian Garlic: Wise Words From One of the World’s Greatest Video Marketers

Our Guest: Ian Garlic, CEO Authentic Web   How good are your processes? Your processes determine the success of your agency. Today we are joined by the CEO of Authentic Web, Ian Garlic. He shares with us how he started his agency and what has made him a successful agency owner. Also, we’ll get to […]

E41 Troy Dean: The Secret to Growing Your Digital Agency in 2020

Our Guest: Troy Dean, the Co-founder of WP Elevation The success of an agency business calls for more than lead generation. Rather, it depends on your specialization, relationships, and processes. It is how well you’ll leverage them that will determine your business growth. In this episode, Troy Dean shares his journey from a musician to […]

E40 Manuel Suarez: Latinos Takeover Digital Marketing

Guest: Manuel Suarez, CEO of AGM Marketing Agency As Manuel reminds us, if you don’t accept what the world expects you to be, you can be your make success through hard work and determination. In this episode, Manuel talks about being service to others, get results and you’ll be flooded with potential clients. He talks […]

E39 Jared Gold: Teenage Poker Phenom to Blogger to White Label Squarespace Guru

Our Guest: Jared Gold, the Founder of WebsiteByTonight While many agencies are large, their profit margins may not reflect their size. What is happening to them? In this eye-opening podcast, WebsiteByTonight Founder, Jared Gold discusses the common hire that many agency owners miss… his poker story and achievements. Get ready for a learning session that […]