DUDE Group Coaching Call Feb 2020 with Dr Jeremy Weisz from Rise25.com

On our DUDE Group Coaching Call we are having Dr. Jeremy Weisz on to teach how you can get a Podcast started for your agency, how to find guests, and how to deliver massive ROI from your podcast. Make sure you register below even if you can’t make it so we can send you the […]

E44 Mike Rhodes: How Leadership Made Me a Better Person

Our Guest: Mike Rhodes, CEO Web Savvy Reading opens our minds to causes us to think big. Meet Mike Rhodes; he is the CEO of Web Savvy. He is a digital agency owner. He tells us how reading triggered him to start his business and enhanced his leadership style. If you are a digital agency […]

E43 Ralph Burns: How to Stay Popular in the Facebook Ad Agency World

Our Guest: Ralph Burns, CEO of Tier 11 In this episode, we have Ralph Burns, who is the CEO of Tier 11. He is here to share with us How he started his Facebook and Instagram ads business and what it takes to succeed in the business. Conversation Highlights: Roundtable Discussion: Being a salad chef […]

Meet Ana, designer turned Pod Leader!

It’s always such an exciting and rewarding thing to watch our staff grow their careers and advance within the company. When Ana came to us we hired her as a pod designer. She quickly established herself as one our most talented and reliable designers who would always go the extra mile for our clients. When […]

Meet Erin our Customer Experience Director

If you’re having a bad day you just need to spend a couple minutes with our Customer Service Director, Erin, and within seconds you’ll be all sunshine and rainbows. Erin has been with us for years and she is in charge of basically delighting our clients and making sure everyone is happy. It’s an easy […]

DUDE Goes Camping!!!

One of our favorite work traditions at DUDE is to do a summer day of fun or as we like to call it “Staff Development Day”. Well this year we went way out of comfort zones and took our talents to the forest! That’s right!! DUDE went camping! We took all of our people about […]

Ralph Haynes from Hail Studio Love DUDE

In today’s video, Ralph Haynes from Hail Studio talks about his experience with DUDE and how we’ve been able to help him find the right woman for the job. Ralph came to us and was looking for a talented developer to help him take on more projects. Hail Studio is doing some innovative development work […]

An Inside Look Into Our Weekly Pod Leader Training

Every Tuesday morning we host our Weekly Pod Leader Training. We started this early in the year as a way to provide continuing education to each of the Pod Leaders about give them insights on how to improve communication, project management, time management, leadership, and a whole lot more. It’s a great time for everyone […]

Our Staff’s Favorite Mexican Traditions Part 1

Mexico is a country rich with culture and traditions. Two of the world’s greatest civilizations, the Aztecs and Mayans, were both founded and thrived in modern day Mexico. When you combine the European influence into Mexican culture you have some of the most interesting national traditions of anywhere on the planet. Which could also be […]

How to Hire Great Project Managers Part 2

Welcome back to Part 2 of the Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich test that we use to evaluate Project Managers. This is by far the most important communication test that you’ll need to evaluate Project Manager candidates. It not only test their communication skills, but also their process skills, and their problem solving skills. In […]