E65 Matt Johnson: Matt Johnson Will Tell You How to Rebrand To Something Bigger and Better

Our Guest: Matt Johnson, Agency Owner In this episode, Matt Johnson discusses his history being from the mid-west and his transition to the liberal west-coast. Matt also talks about the inspiration for his book Microfamous and what it took to attempt to write the industry playbook. Conversation Highlights Socio-economic impacts of the modern-day Inspiration for […]

E64 Chris Mercer: The Mindset Behind Analytics and What It Means to Your Agency

Our Guest: Chris “Mercer” Mercer, Senior Instructor, Speaker, and Co-Founder of Measurement Marketing In this episode, Chris Mercer shares his story of consistent evolution that brought him from teaching people how to use WordPress to helping entrepreneurs discover the joys of marketing with his analytics company, Measurement Marketing. Mercer offers insight into the struggles and […]