You’ve probably heard the phrase “Fall down 9 times, get up 10”.

Well in today’s video, Chris is talking about how he lost all his money for the SECOND time, got his truck repossessed, and was fortunate enough to have a childhood friend help him make the payment to get it back.

Let’s get something straight before we get into the video.

We are not glorifying or playing the victim card here.

Chris admits and owns up to all his mistakes and blames nobody for these financial stupidities.

But these mistakes definitely helped him learn and in a way did help shape him as an entrepreneur.

So now that we’ve established that Chris owns up to being an idiot, let’s move onto the real story.

There aren’t many times in a man’s life that are more embarrassing than having to ask a friend for money.

Today you’ll hear all about that story in Chris’s life and how his good friend really helped him out of a tight spot.

Thank you Pete for your help!!