E23 Adam Erhart: The Essentials to Build a Profitable Digital Agency for the Long-Term

Our Guest: Adam Erhart, founder of AdamErhart.com

In this episode, we talk about achieving success for yourself, your agency, and your clients. We focus on the basic fundamentals you need to get right, from creating a vision to creating the ideal offer to reach the right client.

What are the things your agency needs to do to stay profitable and stay in business over the long term?

In addition, we talk about airplanes.

Conversation Highlights

  • Roundtable Discussion: How Adam transitioned from pilot to the wealthy to agency owner
  • How Adam developed a business from the ground up, with no marketing experience
  • Growing a business from 1-man operation to an agency
  • Content strategies of successful agencies
  • Helping the agency industry go in the right direction

Key Podcast Moments

[1:23] Roundtable Discussion: Life as a corporate pilot

[5:36] Roundtable Discussion: What’s your craziest aviation story?

[8:00] Building your first agency…from scratch

[11:12] First few marketing services Adam offered to get his first 5K

[12:08] How did you grow your business?

[13:11] Marketing your agency on YouTube

[14:53] Current projects for Adam’s agency

[15:46] What is your approach to building agencies as an agency coach?

[17:16] What’s working for successful agency owners?

[18:35] What content strategy would you suggest for a new agency owner?

[20:48] What’s an example of a good service offer from an agency?

[22:05] How do we fix bad agencies?

[25:00] What to do when a clients want to follow bad advice

[27:00} What are the early signs of a good marketing agency in the making?

Magic Marketing Quotes from our Guest

If you managed success in one area of you, you now have an obligation.”

“YouTube’s a nifty beast.”

“You can have multiple different niches…but your offers have to be very specific.”

Resources Mentioned


Adam Erhart on YouTube

About Our Guest

Adam Erhart is a former corporate pilot who became the founder of his own agency, AdamErhart, marketing consultant, and agency coach

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