E14 April Iannazzone: How the Med Spa Niche is Exploding Her Digital Agency Profits

Our Guest: April Iazzone, President of Growth and Profitability

In this episode, April shares tips on how to balance family life with running an agency, finding a profitable niche, scaling your dreams, and planting the seed of entrepreneurship with the next generation.

Conversation Highlights

  • Getting support from family during a busy time in your business
  • Setting boundaries for your clients and your family
  • Niche & Pivot: Finding the right kind of niche and scaling it to meet your dreams
  • Avoiding burnout as an agency owner
  • How do I align my business with a profitable niche: The top key questions to ask
  • How and why April chose her current niche 

Key Podcast Moments

[2:50] How do you balance family life and running an agency?

[6:00] How do you get support from your busy family while also running a business busy?

[8:46] The story of April’s agency

[14:00] How should I evaluate a niche?

[16:18] What if your niche has a longer sales cycle?

[26:27] Getting your kids involved in entrepreneurship

Magic Marketing Quotes from our Guest

“My husband and my children…had to be on board with the whole vision.”

“If I’m home, I’m home.”

“For the first year …I was too accessible to clients.”

“I’m all about systematizing, scaling, and repeating, but I put myself in this [place] where I couldn’t.”

Resources Mentioned

Growth and Profitability website


About Our Guest

April Iannazzone is the president of Growth and Profitability and the founder of Med Spa Growth & Profitability in addition to working as a consultant, marketing expert, and mentor.

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