DUDE Brought Proactive Uniqueness To BrightWire Media!

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“And DUDE went above and beyond all my expectations. You, guys, are proactive. As I said, the ticketing system is fantastic.”


Here is Renee Gruber, the business owner of Brightwire Media.

She has worked with the marketing agency for 15 years. Her agency helps restaurants get customers and also helps with biotech.


Brightwire Media started with web design and development. But as technology and programming evolved, they started having trouble trying to keep up with all the different technologies and their devices such as responsive websites and their codes.

They didn’t want to dabble into coding. Avoiding coding implied that they had to source for reliable people. It was quite tough to find a reliable team that they could count on as far as timing and delivery was concerned. It was indeed difficult for them.

Why did they decide to give DUDE a shot?

Having heard about DUDE, Brightwire Media had some questions for Chris, the owner of DUDE. Chris jumped on a zoom meeting with them. There, they went through everything that could be wrong and got all the right answers.

They gave DUDE a chance, and we fulfilled all of our promises. Brightwire Media got an opportunity to help a long-term client of theirs. It was a web design project. They needed someone they could count on; otherwise, they would not take the project. It turned out positively for Brightwire Media and their client. They were glad they gave DUDE a shot. In Renee’s words, she said, “I chose DUDE because you appeared to have very, very strong processes in place. The ticketing system, the team, it felt like it was a family rather than a big cold agency behind the scenes.”.

What are some of the successes you’ve had since working with DUDE?

In the first month of working with DUDE, Bright Wire Media saw immediate reactivity with everything they put out there. Any question they had got an instant response. Any problem they had was answered.

The marketing agency saw a very proactive approach in everything, unique to their 15 years of outsourcing to many people. DUDE went above and beyond all the agency’s expectations with their proactiveness. DUDE’s ticketing system is fantastic, and there is nothing that wasn’t taught very easily. They were very intuitive when it comes to design and development. They have reduced the project management time by about 30%, which is quite amazing. The manger does not even have to repeat herself or go into very specific detail. The team at DUDE knows intuitively what she wanted.

As far as web design goes, DUDE has helped dismiss many challenges. Since no reliable persons were working with them, Brightwire Media constantly missed deadlines. It was very upsetting as an agency when their reputation was at stake. So, they had to shelve that portion of their business until they met DUDE. When they met DUDE, they got a perfect project, making them feel comfortable enough to take more chances with DUDE. Now, they have a proactive team, a team that is transparent and available.

Who do you recommend DUDE to?

“Do it, do it now is what I would say!” said Renee Gruber.

Her agency has ignored things they did not mean to. They didn’t mean to focus completely on DUDE as an entire agency support system. It is not just the team that DUDE is working with, but also the designers and the developers. The team also consists of courses that Chris has put together. As the business owner, Renee sees potential growth. Therefore, anyone who is considering working with DUDE should jump in, get it, and quickly get on with us. There are opportunities there.