With DUDE, This CEO can focus on running his agency!

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William Welch, Co-Founder of Joe2Joe  Bill Welch is the owner of Joe2Joe. They are a creative agency that helps entrepreneurs to grow and scale their business. Joe2Joe works in all kinds of interesting areas and they like to play in that sandbox whether it’s a company that is just starting out or someone large that is servicing the world. They love to help out in the creative space.


Bill got the intro to DUDE through Design Pickle.  He has been working with Design Pickle for a while and got to know their system well.  He had the design team covered but needed development to help build them. They were looking for a service like Design Pickle, but for development and learned about DUDE and then it looked like it could be a beautiful match.

Why did they decide to give DUDE a shot?

Joe2Joe was really looking for a service where you could have a great working relationship with the developers and that would allow them to scale up very easily. They didn’t want to have to go searching for freelancers overseas and going through that hassle. The late nights and the bad communication was not going to work for them and that’s why they liked what DUDE had to offer.  In the past, Bill had used overseas teams and he felt like he wasn’t sleeping at all. With DUDE he knew that he would have people he could trust and rely on. The communication is so amazing that it also helps him to communicate in other areas of business because of the standard that DUDE established.

What are some of the successes you’ve had since working with DUDE?

When Bill first got introduced to his Pod Leader and his Pod, he really wanted to try and push the envelope as much as he could and see what the team could handle. They were able to handle that test with flying colors. Bill was really interested in seeing the capabilities of the team and what DUDE could actually do. He was very impressed with how quickly the turnaround rate was the work that he submitted over. He had around 10 sites that his DUDE team was able to build out really quickly. There were a bunch of different projects and DUDE did an amazing job with all of them.

Who you recommend DUDE to?

Bill has several businesses and his agency is relatively new so DUDE has helped him to stabilize his agency and allows him to focus on the bigger things that he needs to focus on as the CEO.  Running an agency is a rollercoaster and DUDE has given Bill the creative power and the perfect communication processes so that he doesn’t have to stress about projects anymore. He can focus more on wearing his CEO hat and not anything else. It gives Bill the peace of mind that he was always looking for.