Neil Richmund can finally say “YES” to more projects now that he has DUDE!

“Any projects that come in I can say YES to. I’m not worried about hitting the ceiling like I was before”


Neil Richmund, Founder and CEO of Neil Richmund Marketing

Neil runs his agency in Indianapolis, Indiana where he provides web design and SEO services to small businesses in the area. From small website upgrades to fully fledged campaigns and website rebuilds, all lead by Neil and his years of experience in the field.


Neil had all the required experience to run his agency but was lacking in the production department and soon enough he found himself not being able to take any more projects since he wasn’t able to deliver them on a timely manner.

Even with a couple of team members the agency was not getting the required efficiency to get things gone. With some members of the team going AWOL at times, Neil had to step in to finish a lot of his projects which in turn make the whole process slower. He knew it was time to search for something new to help him reach his goals. 

Why did they decide to give DUDE a shot?

After finding us and having a series of conversation with Chris Martinez, Neil knew this was the correct approach to solve the challenges that his agency was facing. Rather than spending more time hiring people individually it made more sense to get a full team to back him up. 

Thanks to DUDE’s experience of working with several agencies through the years, they were able to pinpoint exactly how they could fit in in Neil’s processes in order to get projects out of the door, increase his capacity to take in more clients and overall free his time to lead his business the way he wanted.  

What are some of the successes you’ve had since working with DUDE?

After the initial onboarding and the handout of projects to DUDE, Neil saw a very positive improvement on his delivery times, things got done way faster than before and exactly to his liking.

Working with DUDE has also provided Neil with some knowledge, specifically techniques, processes and strategies that he wasn’t applying previously to his own agency. All of this thanks to the constant communication and feedback that DUDE enables with all of its clients.

Who do you recommend DUDE to?

Any agency looking to expand their team in a fast and reliable manner and that wants to grow at a faster rate. Throughout his time working with DUDE, Neil has found a company that always has his back in any challenges he may face.