How this Agency TRIPLED Its Revenue in One-Year of Working with DUDE

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“You guys have actually become an extension of our company and that is probably the best compliment I can give you guys.”


John Schoefield, Digital Marketing Manager, The Academy for Professional Painting Contractors.

The Academy for Professional Painting Contractors provides coaching and mentorship for painting contractors, but they also have a digital division of their company that builds out websites, landing pages, and does digital marketing for painting professionals who want a Done-for-you solution.


The digital side of their business was really starting to grow and they knew that they needed help to get the work done, but they actually had ZERO interest in outsourcing the work because of previous bad experiences with other companies.

Before signing on with DUDE, John was working with another white label partner and it was, using his own words, “a horror how”.

Brandon Lewis, the owner of The Academy for Professional Painting Contractors, learned about DUDE and somehow convinced John to give them a try. However, John was super skeptical about what DUDE could do for them.

Why did they decide to give DUDE a shot?

They do digital marketing for painting contractors and so they do a lot of building websites and maintaining existing websites. John knows how to build sites, but when he had multiple projects going on at the same time he recognized that he was creating a huge bottleneck for the agency.

So when he learned about DUDE, he really needed someone to take on the work that he couldn’t handle himself. And he had zero expectations that DUDE would be able to handle it, but he decided to give DUDE a shot anyway.

What are some of the successes you’ve had since working with DUDE?

As he progressed with DUDE, John started to gain confidence in what his team could handle and he started to throw more and more on the Pod’s plate. And what he really loved were the weekly meetings with his Pod Leader to review all the open projects.

That back-and-forth communication was huge for John and it really helped all the projects to flow much more smoothly.

Since working with DUDE, John’s bandwidth has dramatically increased and now he has more time to go out and find more accounts. And by doing that, the company expands. As the company expands, things get bigger and everybody is very happy about that.

John is super happy that he now has a bunch of DUDEs to reach out to if he ever has a problem and that DUDE always has his back.

Who do you recommend DUDE to?

John really loves the collaboration with the team and that if he makes a mistake and the instructions that he sends don’t make sense, then the Pod Leader will reach back out to him and let him know that it doesn’t make sense. He really does have a support system with DUDE.

John has literally tripled the size of his agency since working with DUDE and he says it’s the best decision that he’s made and that they aren’t going anywhere now that they have the dream team.