How Debbie found the perfect web development solution in DUDE

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“I was able to reach out to the DUDE team and say, Hey, here’s a Dropbox folder. Here’s how I want it segmented into subfolders and I need you to create this page like overnight. And they, they literally did, it was like 24 or 48 hours later, you know, went on the website.”


Debbie Howard, Co-Founder, Senior Living Smart

They are a full-service marketing agency that specializes in marketing strategy and execution, specifically for the senior housing and care industry.


They had tried various solutions around website development and had some really bad experiences. They even spent over $15,000 to help them with their own website and ended up having to throw the entire thing away because they couldn’t use it.

They really needed a resource that they could trust and that they could build a relationship. They wanted someone that would understand marketing agencies and their industry. And of course, they needed someone that could create websites that were effective and flexible.

Why did they decide to give DUDE a shot?

It’s always scary when looking for a company to help you with fulfillment because you never really know who is doing the work and how good the quality will be. Debbie started to ask around to see if “anyone worked with them before?” and “What were their results?”

In the previous outsource partner, Debbie didn’t realize that they subcontracted the work and there was no connection to the developers and then the communication really suffered. Debbie and her team started to ask around and since they belong to the Duct Tape Marketing and Duct Tape has so many great resources, they recommended DUDE.

What are some of the successes you’ve had since working with DUDE?

Debbie and her team really appreciate having both a dedicated pod leader on the technical side and then also a customer experience partner on the user experience and relationship side. The fact that DUDE built a model and has those roles defined is huge. Most of the outsourcing partners are solely technical which makes the communication really difficult at times.

For example, when COVID hit and then overnight she had to create a whole page of COVID resources for her clients and she was able to reach out to the DUDE team and say, “Hey, here’s a Dropbox folder. Here’s how I want it segmented into subfolders and I need you to create this page like overnight”. And then in 24 or 48 hours later it was done and on the website. It was a super quick turnaround with really high-quality work.

Who do you recommend DUDE to?

Debbie says that the biggest value to Senior Living Smart is that they can create a cadence of regular repetitive work and know that it’s going to get taken care of.

They just put in the publishing dates, do a bulk upload of blogs, and then over the course of the month, things just get done and done correctly. That frees up the rest of the team to do more high-value work and saves everyone a lot of time. And it makes the company more profitable.

If you’re looking to work with DUDE, Debbie says to look at how the hours are being spent among their existing team members and figure out how much of their time is spent doing either tweaks or updates or reformatting a picture, etc. And then figure out what that is costing your agency. And then figure out how much more important work they can do if you take that off their plate. DUDE can then come in and make that a reality.