E61 Chris Bates: Advice on Systems, Hiring, and Scaling from the CEO of Agora Eversole

Our Guest: Chris Bates, CEO of Agora Eversole

Joining this episode with the show host is Chris Bates who will share his success story from having been a retail store owner to being the CEO of AgoraEversole.  Taking a dive into Chris’s life, he shares his love for outdoor activities.  He also shares the origin story of AgoraEversole and gives insights about hiring and business systems.

Conversation Highlights:

  • Falling in love with Outdoor Activities
  • Origin story of Agora Eversole
  • Hiring
  • Challenges faced and mistakes made by Chris
  • Systems
  • Hiring the right people

Key Podcast Moments:

  • [01.51] – “Roundtable Discussion”: Failing in love with Outdoor Activities.
  • [04.46] – “Roundtable Discussion”: Tips on fishing.
  • [06.29] – “Roundtable Discussion”: Favorite outdoor moment.
  • [08.45] – Origin story of Agora Eversole.
  • [12.49] – Hiring
  • [14.49] – “When you started out, who were some of the clients that you were taking on?”
  • [16.24] – Challenges and mistakes made on his way in becoming the CEO of Agora Eversole.
  • [19.10] – Systems
  • [21.50] – Process of merging, the turning point of Agora Eversole.
  • [24.14] – Relationship with the merger.
  • [28.17] – Scaling and Growing
  • [31.22] – Hiring the right people.
  • [32.31] – Best ways to get in contact with Chris.
  • [33.14] – Perfect person to reach out to Chris.

Magic Marketing Quotes:

  • “As our team got to know each other, we had, I think a similar mission.”
  • “If you don’t have that strong relationship with the person you ended up merging with, one you are probably not going to merge, two it’s not probably gonna be that smooth.”
  • “Owners in this industry… we are deeply passionate about serving our clients.”

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About Our Guest:

Chris Bates, is the CEO of Agora Eversole. Agora Eversole is a merging company of Agora company and The Eversole Group. Agora Eversole provides marketing services, web development, social media and digital marketing for business.

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