E64 Chris Mercer: The Mindset Behind Analytics and What It Means to Your Agency

Our Guest: Chris “Mercer” Mercer, Senior Instructor, Speaker, and Co-Founder of Measurement Marketing

In this episode, Chris Mercer shares his story of consistent evolution that brought him from teaching people how to use WordPress to helping entrepreneurs discover the joys of marketing with his analytics company, Measurement Marketing. Mercer offers insight into the struggles and beauties of building an agency, changing your mindset about your approach to analytics, and using words wisely to engage clients.

Conversation Highlights

  • Escaping to the movies inspires creativity and healthy disconnection
  • Learning to build an agency: Mercer shares the story of how he came into the digital world
  • Changing your mindset regarding your approach analytics
  • The struggle of figuring out the story of analytics
  • Choosing your words carefully to make marketing analytics more attractive
  • Starting the conversation with potential clients
  • Long-term focused retainers vs projects

Key Podcast Moments

[01:45] Roundtable Discussion: Movies in the middle of the day as a guilty pleasure

[06:17] The origin story of Measurement Marketing

[09:47] You’re never going to wind up where you think you’re going

[10:47] My experience using Measurement Marketing training

[12:10] What is the biggest thing agencies struggle with?

[16:18] Use your words: Breaking through the noise of the marketplace to make marketing analytics sexy

[23:04] Measurement Marketing partners

[26:05] When do you know it’s the right time to introduce Measurement into the conversation?

[31:54] Outro: More information on Measurement Marketing

Magic Marketing Quotes from our Guest

“The beauty of numbers… is they always leave trends and patterns.”

“We talk about the useful truth, we don’t talk about accuracy, because that’s a rabbit hole. It doesn’t exist.”

“I never let anybody think this is going to be a project.”

Resources Mentioned

Measurement Marketing

Measurement Marketing Toolbox

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About Our Guest

Chris “Mercer” Mercer is considered an authority in helping marketers know their numbers in an easy-to-understand manner…. Apart from training people how to measure and improve their sales funnels, he is a top contributor and speaker at multiple analytics and optimizations conferences and blogs like ConversionXL, Content Jam, DigitalMarketer, Traffic & Conversion Summit, Social Media Examiner and more.

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