E58 Molly Pittman: From Intern to CEO of Smart Marketer

Our Guest: Molly Pittman, CEO of Smart Marketer

Joining Chris in this interesting episode is Molly Pittman who will give the audience a glimpse into her success story from been an intern at the DigitalMarketer to being the CEO of Smart Marketer. Molly will also share her experience as an intern and the top three things she took from her experience at the DigitalMarketer.

Conversation Highlights:

  • Experience gained in the transition from living in the States to now living in Amsterdam
  • Influence of southern culture
  • How Molly landed with the post of intern at the DigitalMarketer
  • Experiences gained through the DigitalMarketer
  • “Scaling”
  • “Teaching and helping students”

Key Podcast Moments:

  • [01.52] – “Roundtable Discussion”: “How is your experience been transitioning from living in the states to now living in Amsterdam?”
  • [05.43] – Molly shares with the audience that her southern cultural background was beneficial for her transition.
  • [09.46] – How Molly landed with the post of intern at the DigitalMarketer
  • [11.47] – First year at DigitalMarketer as an intern.
  • [14.19] – Experience Molly gained when she first spoke at the Traffic and Conversion summit.
  • [16.30] – “If you have to list out your top three things that you took out of the experience at DigitalMarketer, how would it be?”
  • [19.13] – “Scaling”
  • [20.14] – Role as the CEO of Smart Marketer.
  • [22.00] – “What are some of the responsibilities that you have, being the CEO of this company?”
  • [23.39] – “Teaching and Helping Students”
  • [25.57] – Molly shares some advices to agency owners as the world deals with COVID-19.
  • [29.05] – Best ways to get in contact with Molly Pittman.
  • [30.00] – Best person to reach out to Molly.

Magic Marketing Quotes:

  • “The goal was always to scale revenue and that is how we were measuring the size of the company and mostly the impact of the company.”
  • “We can do more together than working separate projects.”
  • “I love teaching because I learn through teaching.”
  • “This industry does lend to a really awesome lifestyle”
  • “As an agency owner you can be that shoulder for people to cry out, you can be that voice, you can be that guide, you can provide that community.”

Resources mentioned:

  • Click happy, your guide to a meaningful life and career in digital era”

About Our Guest:

Molly Pittman as she stands today is the CEO of Smart Marketer. Her story from been an intern at the DigitalMarketer to being the CEO of Smart Marketer is truly inspiring. Being in the position of CEO her main aim is to help the company reach greater heights and at the same time teach and help students. Also Molly believes that, “This industry does lend to a really awesome lifestyle.”

Get in contact with Molly Pittman:

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