Full-time staff to help you take on more projects AND cost 50-70% less than a US-based employee

If so. we have the perfect solution for you.

Most digital agencies are great at selling, but they struggle when it comes to finding the right team to implement and fulfill client projects

With rising employment costs and an entitled culture, hiring the perfect team in the US can be a challenge.

But with our Dedicated Employee Program, we can help you find incredibly talented, Designers, Developers, Video Editors, and Project Managers in Tijuana, Mexico and at a 50-70% cost savings to the United States labor rates.

Best of all everyone on our team speaks English, understands US culture, has a great attitudes and a strong work ethic, and they all work out of our 8000 square foot headquarters in the heart of TJ.

Discover how our Dedicated Employee Program can help you scale your digital agency today!


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