Build Your Digital Agency with Our
Dedicated Employee Program

Discover the “Hidden Gem” of talent for Digital Agencies.

We can help staff your Digital Agency
with Full-Time, English-Speaking:

 Front-end Web Developers
 Graphic and Web Designers
 Full-Stack Developers
 UX/UI Designers
 Video Editors
 Digital Marketing Coordinators
 Project Managers
 And More. 

Stop Looking for Talent in All the
Wrong Places

Are you looking for full-time developers, designers, video editors, and projects managers who have the skills to help you take on more projects, speak English, understand American culture, work US hours, have great attitudes, AND cost 50-70% less than a US employee?

If so, we have the perfect solution for you. 

Most digital agencies are great at selling, but they struggle when it comes to finding the right team to implement and fulfill client projects. With high costs and an entitled culture, hiring the perfect team in the US can be a challenge, but with our Dedicated Employee Program, we can help you find incredibly talented, Designers, Developers, Video Editors, and Project Managers in Tijuana, Mexico and at a 50-70% cost savings to the United States labor rates.

Best of all everyone on our team speaks English, understands US culture, has a great attitudes and a strong work ethic, and they all work out of our 8000 square foot headquarters in the heart of TJ.

Discover how our Dedicated Employee Program can help you scale your digital agency today!

Here’s How It Works

Tell Us Who You’re
Looking For

Schedule a call with us to tell us who you are looking for and then we translate your job post and start looking for candidates here in Mexico. 

Start the Interview

Once the job posts are running, we use our 8-step hiring process to vet all candidates, then send you the best ones to interview yourself.

They work full-time for

Once you find the perfect candidate, they are dedicated to you for 40 hours a week, but technically employed by our Mexican company.  We handle all the HR, Payroll, Benefits, etc. You get a great team member. Everyone wins!

Tired of dealing with rising labor costs, entitled
attitudes, and employee turnover?

Let DUDE find you the perfect person to help your agency grow



If I sign up, will the people who are helping me be English speakers?
YES! All of our staff speak fluent English and work US hours which makes communicating with your team super easy. It’s like having a designer/developer/video editor/project manager/etc in the next room, but for 30-70% less than what you would pay one person in the states!
How many hours do I have my Dedicated Employee for per week?
Your Dedicated Employee works for you full-time. They are dedicated to you for 40 hours a week, but technically are employed by our Mexican corporation here in Tijuana.
Do I have to train my Dedicated Employee?
Yes and no. All of our developers and experts in HTML, CSS, PHP, Javascript, WordPress, Clickfunnels, and more. All of our designers are experts in everything design-related like Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, etc. Our video editors are trained in video editing. And our Project Managers go through a rigorous training program here in-house. With that being said, every agency operates differently and so we do call the first couple months the “training period” because you’re training your team member about the unique things that you guys do and how you operate.
Where is your team located? And how can they work US hours, know all about American culture, and still be so cheap? My one developer in the states is $70k plus benefits.
We are located in Tijuana, Mexico! Nobody in the US even thinks that Mexico is an option for design and development help, but it is the hidden gem for developers, designers, video editors, PMs and more. We have hired people here since 2015 and now we’re helping digital agencies in the US to get all the benefits of outsourcing and none of the downsides.
Do you know how to work with WordPress/Thrive/Clickfunnels/LeadPages/Instapage/Shopify/BigCommerce/WooCommerce?
Yes!!! We can work with all of those! Your developer can help you build, update, and maintain all of these.!
How long does it take to get started with a new Dedicated Employee?
If we have someone in-house that is qualified and interested in working with you then we send them straight to you to start your interview process so they will be hired as quickly as you qualify them and are 100% certain you want to hire them. If we don’t have anyone in-house then we’ll run ads for you and put the candidates through our rigorous 8-step hiring process before they get to you. Then once they arrive you interview them until you find the perfect person.
How do I make a request?
You set your Dedicated Employee up with your company email and submit requests to them just like you would any remote employee. Most of our agencies have their Dedicated Employee join their standup meetings and some even fly their Dedicated Employees out for special meetings and events.
Can I call my person directly?
Absolutely! You can do phone, but also video calls (ie Zoom, Hangouts, Skype) calls with your Dedicated Employee any time you like. We actually encourage our clients to do a daily call with their team member for the first couple months.
Does my Dedicated Employee get vacations and holidays?
Yes, they get all the Mexican holidays as required by law. We also offer them various benefits that is part of what helps us to have such an amazing employee retention rate. They get 10 days paid vacation, a retirement program, a short-term savings program, work-from-home opportunities and they get to work in a company that really cares about them. We cover all that stuff, though. You get a great employee with none of the administrative headaches.
Is there anything else I need to know about my Dedicated Employee?
Well the only thing is that we love our staff and we do require that you treat your staff with respect and value them at all times. We have a zero tolerance policy with harassment and abusive language. If we hear that either of those are taking place you’re Dedicated Employee will be removed immediately and we will never work with you again. We take amazing care of our people and we expect the same from you. Basically just don’t be a dick and everyone wins.
What is the price for a team member?
It really varies on the person you’re looking for and their skill level. Designers start at $1500/mo, Developers at $1750/mo, Video Editors at $1500/mo, and Project Managers start at $3250/mo. Typically you’ll see rates at 30-70% cheaper than the US and you get a person with a great attitude, no entitlement issues, and they are grateful and want to work their asses off.
Is there a time commitment when I enroll with a Dedicated Employee?
It depends on the Dedicated Employee and if they are currently an in-house staff member or if we have to find someone outside the company. All of our staff are full-time and the expectation is to have them work for you for the long-haul. Our contract lengths go from 3-12 months.