Frequently Asked Questions

Q: If I sign up will the people who are helping me be English speaking?

A: YES! All of our staff speak fluent English and work US hours which makes communicating with your team super easy. It’s like having a design and development team of 6 people in the next room, but for less than half of what you would pay just one person in the states!

Q: How can you do “unlimited” for such a cheap price? Surely there must be a limit.

A:   You can submit as many projects to us as you want. If you submit 3 projects at the same time and your team has the capacity to work on all three projects at once, then that’s exactly what we’ll do. However, since you do share your team with anywhere from 10-15 agencies, if you submit 3 projects at the same time and your team is working on projects from other agencies and we can’t do all 3 of yours at once, then we’ll work on your top priority, then your second, then the third.

Q: Do I have to train my team?

A: Yes and no. All of our developers and experts in HTML, CSS, PHP, Javascript, WordPress, Clickfunnels, and more. All of our designers are experts in everything design-related like Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, etc. With that being said, every agency operates differently and so we do call the first couple months the “training period” because you’re training your agency about the unique things that you guys do and we’re training you on how best to utilize your new team. .

Q: Where is your team located? And how can they work US hours, know about American hours, and still be so cheap?  My one developer here in the US is $70k a year plus benefits. You’re giving me 6 people for 30% of what he costs?

A: We are located in Tijuana, Mexico! Nobody in the US even thinks that Mexico is an option for design and development , but it is the hidden gem for developers and designers. We have hired designers and developers here for 4 years and now we’re helping digital agencies in the US to get all the benefits of outsourcing and none of the downsides.

Q: Do you know how to work with WordPress/Thrive/Clickfunnels/LeadPages/Instapage/Shopify/BigCommerce/WooCommerce?

A: Yes!!! We can work with all of those! Your team can help you build, update, and maintain all of these!  And we can learn new ones tools, too if you are going to use them consistently.

Q: How long does it take for requests to be completed?

A: Normally, it takes 48-72 hours or less to complete a request BUT that depends on the complexity of your requests. Either way, you’ll know how long it will take your team to complete each of your requests because we tell you the ETA within 2-3 hours after you submit your request to us.

Q: How do I make a request?

A: We have a “Ticketing Portal” that makes it super easy for you to submit a request. Basically you just log in, pick the type of request you want to make (Ex mockup, buildout, revisions, etc), and then fill out the short list of items things we need to complete that task, and then click submit. Then we take care of the rest!

Q: Can I talk directly with my team?

A: Absolutely! You can do phone, but also video calls like with your team leader any time you like. We actually ask that you do a weekly call with their team leader for the first couple months of working with us.

Q: Do you guys do project work?

A: Yes we can definitely help you with project work, but typically those one-off projects aren’t the best fit for us.  Our goal is to help you 10x your investment with us and so the best way to accomplish this is for your team to get familiar with your agency and then learn how to do your projects very quickly over time.  The more we do for you, the better we get, and both you and your clients win!   

Q: Is there anything else you guys don’t do?

A: The only things we don’t do are copywriting, running ad campaigns, running webinars, and amazon web store set up. Everything else we pretty much do. But if you have a question just ASK and we’ll be sure to come up with a solution…Oh and we don’t work with assholes.  🙂

Q: How do I make a request during the 14-day Risk-Free Trial? 

A: After you register for your team, we’ll do a quick call to discuss how DUDE works and to make sure you’re not a psycopath. Then we’ll assign you to a team and submit your first request together. Your team leader (Who we call Pod Leader) will do calls with you when you submit your first few projects to answer any questions you have. You’ll work very closely with your pod leader for the first two months so that we can learn how you operate and vice versa.  

Q: Are there any limits to the amount or types of requests I can make during the 14-Day Risk-Free Trial? 

A: Negative Ghost Rider. During the 14-day Risk-Free Trial you can submit whatever you want. You’ll get the full experience of working with your team.   

Q: Is there a time commitment when I enroll with DUDE?  

A: Our packages start out month-to-month, but we do also offer discounts for longer term agreements. Either way you’ll find the package and investment that is perfect to help you grow your agency.