Fun Day in TJ with Clients and Friends

We love showing our clients and friends Tijuana for two reasons.

First, creating relationships between our clients and their DUDE team is one of the things that makes our company special. Very few organizations offer that face-to-face interaction like we do here at DUDE.

After chatting with your Pod Leader online and over zoom for months, there is nothing like meeting them in-person. That first meeting is always filled with smiles and hugs since our team inevitably feels like a party of your “family”.

It’s an honor to serve our clients and it’s not something our staff takes lightly.

The second reason we love bringing people to TJ is because we get the chance to show them the culture of the city. Tijuana is one of the most unique places in the world because of its proximity to the US.

While much of what you hear about Tijuana in the media is undoubtedly negative, there are far more positives about this amazing place and it’s a really fun experience to show our clients and friends around.

Our tour that we do for people includes stops at some of the unique and iconic spots in the city as well lots of food and beer.

We also get the chance to bring our talented agency owners together and there is always some great networking that takes place.


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