How Could I Outsource WordPress Development While Keeping a Good Quality of Work?

For many businesses and digital agencies, WordPress is their go-to content management system. People are no longer buying domains and building websites from scratch. The process needs skill and takes a lot of time. With WordPress, you can get websites very quickly and efficiently. However, if you are outsourcing WordPress development, there are huge risks. 

There are thousands of freelancers and companies looking for work. Not everyone is qualified to give you what you want. If you make the wrong choices, you could end up in a messy situation. But, how do you outsource WordPress development that is in line with your goals? 

Why Should You Outsource?

Keeping the work in-house at first makes sense in the financial sense, but as you seek a way for your agency to keep growing at a healthy pace you really need to make the decision to let someone else handle your WordPress development while keeping costs down. This is when outsourcing could be the right fit your agency, it can also help you with:

Saves Time

As you well know, time is money. Giving work to someone else can save a lot of your precious time wasted searching for in-house developers. With the right company, you can get your job done efficiently and in the shortest time possible. You also do not need to worry about off days, holidays, or vacations while outsourcing work.

Access Valuable Resources

Outsourcing means that your agency or company can get you access to resources such as branding and search engine optimization. Some companies even offer marketing services at price-friendly rates. Instead of stressing about finding such things on your own, it is better to outsource. This will boost your business and make it go global.

You’ll get Maintenance and Support.

If you think that building your website is the end of the process, you might be surprised. A website needs to be regularly maintained, which is a lot of work:

  • It needs to be in line with coding standards. 
  • It has to have the latest WordPress updates.
  • It needs to remain updated to meet SEO standards

Outsourced companies or agencies will do all this for you, saving you from a lot of headaches.


The number one rule of business is buying as low as you can and sell as high as possible. Outsourcing can save you up to 40% of development costs if you choose the right company. But how? Outsourcing WordPress development means you do not have to buy expensive hardware or software or hire experts and managers.

Best Quality Work

Technology changes every day. There are WordPress updates that occur at least twice a year. With the right company or agency, you can get reliable and quality work up to date with regulations. You also get current technology, which allows you to incorporate any features in the future.

You can Focus on Other Things.

By delegating work to other companies or agencies, you can focus on what’s crucial. Inhouse developers take a lot of time, energy, and additional costs leaving you very stressed. They also give out mediocre results, which means you might need to redo the project again. Outsourcing saves you from these inconveniences. You can direct the saved time, energy, and money into your business to make it grow.

How To Outsource While Keeping Good Quality Work?

While outsourcing, you need to know some tips that can help you get the best people, which means the best quality work;

Choose The Company Wisely

You have to do your due diligence before choosing any company or agency. Do they have experience? If they managed projects that are similar to yours, the better. A company that creates MVPs for startup businesses is also an excellent choice. Look at the company’s references. If they do not publicly show them, do not hesitate to ask. Additionally, ask for code samples for proof of quality.

Share Your Mission

It is incredibly crucial to share the objective of your business with the company or agency. Make sure they understand what your business is all about. This will help the company keep the mission in mind while working on your project. While making specific coding decisions, they can choose the best choices in line with your business mission.

Write Your Job Description

What do you need in your WordPress development?  Please write it down in the job description. You will have to state your goals clearly. You also need to set a specific development work budget to ensure the team is aware of the job’s worth. If the company sees that the money is not worth the work, you will have to increase the money or look for someone else. Additionally, you should include a deadline so that the company knows when you expect the work.

When writing the job description;

  • Explain the functionality and usability you expect without getting into too much detail. Outsourcing means you do not have to deal with the nitty-gritty. 
  • Do not add too much fluff or non-essential information such as political issues and financial pressures your business faces. Let them focus on development.

Respond To Any Questions

As much as you expect communication from the company, it would be best to do the same. After stating your mission and goals, respond to any queries effectively. Not all information required is available in the first conversation. Once the company reaches out to you with any concerns, ensure you communicate very fast.

Start Small

If this is your first time outsourcing, there is no problem with starting small. Test a company’s reputation with a small task and see if they deliver. You do not have to put a lot of money into the small task. After completion, assess the results. 

Did they deliver what you wanted? Was the deadline met? Did the team effectively communicate? Was customer service excellent? After answering all these questions, you will know whether to proceed with the team or not.

Break The Project Into Smaller Units

Subdividing your project into small units is excellent for both you and the company. It helps you note the company’s little effort rather than the whole project. If you have a company you want to continue your work with, break the project into smaller tasks for easier management. With this, you can check every detail after completing subtasks, which helps with efficiency and quality.

Ask About Maintenance Services

After the company delivers your completed project and you have evaluated that everything is to your liking, you might think you are done. But you are not. As stated earlier, technology keeps on evolving. You will need constant updates and maintenance. There might be a bug that went unnoticed or another thing that wasn’t considered. You need a company that delivers quality work and also responsible for maintenance. Ask the company or agency about maintenance and how much it costs.


It is better to put all your energy into growing your business. Leave WordPress development to the experts. It will save you a lot of time and money and, in the end, grow your business. Just ensure you hire the right people for the job.


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