Hey Thanks for joining me today. My name is Chris Martinez and I am the CEO of DUDE.

Most of the time we are talking about all the amazing things we do here, but TODAY I’m going to talk about the 5 ways that you will FAIL when working with us and how to avoid these common pitfalls.

So let’s get started.

Number One…You expect to be totally “hands free” after sending us your projects.
Now we are definitely here to help you get your design and development projects completed and also to give you guidance on how to get them completed faster and more efficiently, but we are not mind-readers, we are not your COO, and we definitely need direction from you as to how you want things done. This doesn’t happen often but every once in a while there is an agency owner who only wants to sell and do the fun, creative stuff, and then expects us to do all the rest without any guidance whatsoever. Sorry, but if that’s you then DUDE is definitely NOT going to work out for ya.

#2 You are “too busy” to send clear instructions.
Listen, we know that the agency life is insane and that things are always popping up and that you have a ton on your plate. But even though you might be tempted to just tell us to “be creative” or “that we can figure that out later”, please take a step back and wait until you send complete and clear instructions to us. We’ve done many studies that show that by not sending clear and complete instructions to your team, it will take you anywhere from 4-10 times longer to get your projects completed. So if you don’t have time to do it right, how will you have time to do it OVER?

#3 You skip out on our weekly meetings.
Your pod leader does a once-a-week call with you for the first two months. We have tons of data that show that the clients who routinely skip the weekly calls end up having their projects take longer because your new DUDE team hasn’t figured out exactly what you want and how you operate. That’s the whole purpose of the calls. So we can learn from you and you can learn from us. Just 10 mins a week can save you hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars.

#4 Never communicate what your goals are for the week.
On every weekly call we ask you what your goals are for that week. This is super important so that we know what you need to accomplish and so we can do everything we can to help you get there. Your team will move mountains for you. You just have to tell them where to move them.

And finally #5, If you hate profit, DUDE will not work out for you.
Our clients are pretty passionate about running a PROFITABLE agency and so we help you control costs, retain customers, and get more done with less so that at the end of the day you are running a highly scalable business. If profit isn’t your jam, then DUDE isn’t for you.

Want to learn more? Just schedule a call with us and we’ll show you exactly how DUDE can help you scale your agency and grow from $12k-$25k a month.