E91 Jackie Hermes: How To Maintain Your Agency’s Financial Success By Working On Your Mental Health

Our Guest: Jackie Hermes, Founder, and CEO of Accelity

In this episode, Jackie Hermes talks about what it takes to run a financially successful agency, the impact of working on yourself and going to therapy on your career and business, and the strengths and challenges women face in entrepreneurship and the workplace. She speaks on her mindset around corporate culture, managing a team during the pandemic, and being honest and transparent with hiring and managing your team.


Conversation Highlights

  • The direct correlation between Title IX and women in leadership positions in corporate America
  • Why it’s important to support the culture and mental health of your employees
  • Metrics that help measure growth related to hiring
  • The best way to manage employees and uncertainty during the covid-19 pandemic
  • The key to operating a financially stable business


Key Podcast Moments

[02:16] Roundtable Discussion: Being a woman owner in digital marketing (a white male-dominated industry)

[04:00] Roundtable Discussion: Men vs. Women in professional settings

[07:12] Roundtable Discussion: Accelity core values

[08:27] Accelity’s value proposition

[09:21] Why work with pre-revenue SaaS startups?

[10:46] Metrics pre-revenue funded startups use to measure success

[11:27] Culture and mental health: Accelity’s main focus right now and during the pandemic

[17:43] Growth hiring metrics to look at

[21:57] How do you help your team members feel more secure in their position, especially during covid-19?

[27:18] What has helped Accelity be a profitable and financially strong company?

[31:15] How to connect with Jackie + The perfect person to reach out to her today


Magic Marketing Quotes from our Guest

“Especially companies that are just getting started, it’s very difficult for them to understand what going to bring the most value, and a lot of them don’t even stick with activities long enough to see the benefit out of it so we kind of come in and direct them.”

“We have put some systems in place to help us understand what capacity looks like on the team. We do a lot of surveying of the team and of our clients to understand how happy they are and how likely they are to stick around, so we kind of have our own little formula.”

“The timeline corresponds exactly with when I started working on myself and the company started growing.”


Resources Mentioned



Profit First by Mike Michalowicz


About Our Guest

Jackie Hermes is a SaaS marketer, growth advisor, speaker, investor, and Founder & CEO at Accelity, a full-service B2B marketing agency.


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