E65 Matt Johnson: Matt Johnson Will Tell You How to Rebrand To Something Bigger and Better

Our Guest: Matt Johnson, Agency Owner

In this episode, Matt Johnson discusses his history being from the mid-west and his transition to the liberal west-coast. Matt also talks about the inspiration for his book Microfamous and what it took to attempt to write the industry playbook.

Conversation Highlights

  • Socio-economic impacts of the modern-day
  • Inspiration for Microfamous
  • Bridging the gap between the magic pill and the hard stuff
  • The value of drive and determination to solve problems over experience

Key Podcast Moments

[01:25] Roundtable Discussion: From Middle America to Liberal America

[03:00] Roundtable Discussion: The Transition to a Whole New Area

[05:20] Roundtable Discussion: Biggest Differences Between People in Cali and the Mid-West

[07:40] Socio-economical impacts of the modern-day and values

[10:45] Impact of politics on the way you stand as a business

[12:30] Matt’s rebranding to something bigger and better

[15:00] The inspiration behind the book Microfamous

[21:00] Bridging the gap between the magic pill and the hard stuff that actually works

Magic Marketing Quotes from our Guest

“I think we are in culture war that is somewhere between warm and exploding.”

“If one side of the political spectrum is going to decide that silence is taking a side than you might as well take a side that you choose and one that is assigned to you.”

“In search of more ideal clients.”

“I wanted to write THAT kinda book.”

“If you treat it like ‘the solution is out there I just need to find it,’ it will be there.”

Resources Mentioned

The Business of Expertise: How Entrepreneurial Experts Convert Insight to Impact + Wealth by David Baker

About Our Guest

Frank Cowell is a self-taught programmer who started his agency back in the days of America Online. He has served in the Marines, worked in the retail industry. He is currently the CEO of Digitopia, a speaker, and author.

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