When you work with DUDE  you will get assigned to a team which we call a “Pod”.

This Pod becomes an extension of your team and so you get the same people working on your projects every time.

Your Pod gets to learn your agency’s unique styles and processes and then everything moves much quicker and projects get turned around a lot faster.

Each Pod has a highly-skilled “Pod Leader” who is your main point of contact for all your projects.

Today you get to meet “Ginny” who came to us all the way from Tampico!

Pod Leaders are skilled at development and design, but they are much more than just that.

Pod Leaders have amazing customer service skills, time management skills, are incredibly organized, and lead a team of 6-8 people so they obviously know how to be a leader.

They are an integral part of our organization and also to the success of our agency owners.

We hope you enjoy meeting Ginny!