E24 Nick Eubanks: How to Make $2 Million as a Part-Time Digital Agency Owner

Our Guest: Nick Eubanks, Founder of the Future Agency

Have you ever heard of someone who landed into entrepreneurship by mistake? Most people are intentional entrepreneurs. Our guest today is among the few who joined the entrepreneurship wagon by mistake.

Nick Eubanks shares with us how he was able to make two million dollars part-time. Nick also shares with us how he grew his team to 20 fulltime employees and the hiring challenges he has been through.

Nick’s company deals with SEO, and he shares great SEO techniques that you can borrow and implement.

Conversation Highlights:

  • Roundtable discussion: Cars! Nick loves car
  • Nick’s entrepreneurship journey
  • SEO
  • Hiring process
  • Growing an agency

Key Podcast Moments:

[00:58]:  Roundtable discussion. Nick’s love for cars

[08:51]: Nick’s entrepreneurship journey

[11:27]: A glimpse into SEO

[21:43]: Hiring a team

[25:49]: Books to read as an entrepreneur

[26:58]: Zappos company culture tour

Magical Quotes from the Episode:

“..If we hire people, you aren’t a culture fit first regardless of capabilities. They’re not going to last very long.”

“People really need to work their way up from the bottom of any that they need to.”

“Hiring people at the beginning, the mindset can be hiring people is a giant, necessary evil.”

“Nothing’s going to build your base of humility faster than cold calling people to accept literature to take their money cause doing.”

Resources Mentioned:

Delivering Happiness- Tony Hseih

Reddit Scraper

About Our Guest:

Nick Eubanks is the founder of From the Future Agency. His company is a digital consultancy agency. He has a great passion for cars.

Connect with Nick:



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