Today  you get to meet one of our amazing Pod Leaders, Ginny, who came to us all the way from Tampico!

All of our digital agency clients are assigned to a team that we like to call a “Pod”.

That Pod essentially becomes an extension of your agency and so they learn your agency’s unique styles, tastes, and processes.

Once you and your Pod have it all “dialed-in” then you end up getting projects done quicker and everything smooths really quickly, which means more projects and more profit for you!

Your “Pod Leader” is the quarterback behind all your projects and is your main point of contact for everything.

Our Pod Leaders are amazing human beings.

They are skilled in design and development, customer service, organization, leadership, and time-management.

And they are crucial to the success of our digital agencies.

Check out this quick interview of Ginny.  We hope you like it!