Our Guest: Allie Bloyd, Founder of Allie Bloyd Media

As agency owners and entrepreneurs, life can get really stressful quickly. We can easily get buried under the to-do lists, admin, marketing, networking, etc. that we have to do just to keep our head above water. We can easily get caught in trying to get the next client, adding more money, and leveling up.

Yet, as Allie Bloyd reminds us, we need to step away and look at the bigger picture. We need to love the life we have while we’re chasing the next level.

That is the lesson Allie Bloyd shared with us. After riding the roller coaster that is marketing, Allie learned that the things outside of her job are what enable her to do her job. She shares that journey in this episode and the practical lessons you can apply to make your own life more grounded.

Conversation Highlights

  • Roundtable Discussion: Tattoos
  • The origin story of Allie Bloyd as a marketer and Ally Boyd Media
  • Dealing with the difficult days in entrepreneurship
  • Building a morning routine- – and why that’s so important
  • Working as a Mom and an agency owner

Key Podcast Moments

  • [1:00] Roundtable Discussion: Allie’s tattoo history
  • [3:18] Roundtable Discussion: Does your tattoo hurt your business?
  • [5:32] The origin story of Allie Bloyd Media
  • [7:12] Allie’s Roller coaster ride through marketing
  • [9:57] Becoming Allie Bloyd Media
  • [12:58] How do you view the marketing industry, now that you’re an agency owner?
  • [16:32} How do you deal with the difficult times as an agency owner?
  • [22:00] How do you stick to your morning routine?
  • [24:25] How do you find time as a Mom and agency owner?

Magical Marketing Quotes from our Guest

  • “…if someone wouldn’t give me a job or hire me because of my tattoo, then they weren’t a good fit for me.
  • “I’m one of those weird people who has a scientific, analytic brain but also has a really strong creative side.”
  • “I actually had an idea for a dog clothing company.”
  • “Running a business is hard. It’s not as easy as people would lead you to believe with their Lambos and beach pics.”
  • “No matter what you do, you can’t make everyone happy.”
  • “Not paying someone is a really big deal.”
  • “It’s not all about what we can get. It’s about what we have today. Sadly, any of it can be taken from us tomorrow.”
  • “I think it’s about setting a routine and schedule based on whatever your family dynamic is..”

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About Our Guest

Allie Bloyd is a graphic designer, former marketing manager, copywriter, and Mom who turn her experiences (both good and bad) in the world of marketing into a powerful marketing agency.

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