Our Guest April Iazzone, President of Growth and Profitability

In this episode, April shares tips on how to balance family life with running an agency, finding a profitable niche, scaling your dreams, and planting the seed of entrepreneurship with the next generation.

Conversation Highlights

  • Getting support from family during a busy time in your business
  • Setting boundaries for your clients and your family
  • Niche & Pivot: Finding the right kind of niche and scaling it to meet your dreams
  • Avoiding burnout as an agency owner
  • How do I align my business with a profitable niche: The top key questions to ask
  • How and why April chose her current niche 

Key Podcast Moments

  • [2:50] How do you balance family life and running an agency?
  • [6:00] How do you get support from your busy family while also running a business busy?
  • [8:46] The story of April’s agency
  • [14:00] How should I evaluate a niche?
  • [16:18] What if your niche has a longer sales cycle?
  • [26:27] Getting your kids involved in entrepreneurship

Magic Marketing Quotes from our Guest

  • “My husband and my children…had to be on board with the whole vision.”
  • “If I’m home, I’m home.”
  • “For the first year …I was too accessible to clients.”
  • “I’m all about systematizing, scaling, and repeating, but I put myself in this [place] where I couldn’t.”

Resources Mentioned

About Our Guest

April Iannazzone is the president of Growth and Profitability and the founder of Med Spa Growth & Profitability in addition to working as a consultant, marketing expert, and mentor.

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