Our Guest: Brad Martineau, Founder of Sixth Division

In this episode, we start off this podcast with…hold it …business alignment!

Also, in this episode… Brad Martineau shared how he built a business, Sixth Division, lost his vision, then found it again, retooling his company mission to become highly successful. Brad discusses how he began his company, how his business grew too fast and had to be cut down to the right size, and why business owners must use the concept of alignment when reworking their business model to succeed.

Conversation Highlights

  • Roundtable Discussion: How Brad spends his free time playing in “Pro Camps,” a fantasy basketball camp run by Bill Self, and what it has taught him about time constraints and work ethic
  • The origin story of his successful business, Sixth Division
  • His ideas on why business automation is crucial
  • Optimizing the client journey
  • Losing and regaining your business focus
  • The concept of Alignment
  • Baggage that he had to shed as a business owner
  • The problem of entitlement
  • Ruthlessly cutting the fat in your business
  • The challenge and promise sticking to core business fundamentals

Key Podcast Moments

  • [1:50] Roundtable Discussion: playing basketball in Pro Camp
  • [8:43] Biggest business lessons learned from playing in a fantasy basketball league
  • [12:45] Sixth Dimension origin story and “automatic client journeys”
  • [16:23] Losing sight of his business mission
  • [19:34] The importance of “alignment” for business success
  • [25:13] Creating a profitable business model now

Magic Marketing Quotes from our Guest

  • “No coasting!”
  • “I, as a parent or as a leader of a company…never want to be the one that’s between my child or a team member and reality.”
  • “If it doesn’t work on paper, it’s not going to magically work in real life.”
  • “It was disappointing, but disappointment fades; good decisions don’t.”

Resources Mentioned

About Our Guest

Brad Martineau built a seven-figure business from the ground up, teaching business owners how to automate their client journey for maximum profitability. He started working in his brother’s five-person software firm, then launched his own business seven years later. After losing his focus and watching his profits dwindle, he retooled his business model and went on to experience fantastic growth both personally and professionally. Speaking at conferences around the world, he enjoys a lucrative career and helps others to realize their business dreams.

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