Our Guest: Brent Weaver, Founder, and CEO of UGURUS

In this episode, Brent Weaver discusses the similarities between BMX and business, emphasizing the importance of being willing to keep trying and failing in order to learn and succeed in business and in life. He speaks on the significance of a service mindset, connecting with your clients often and focusing on what’s working well for them, specifically for agency owners during the era of covid-19. Brent also shares with us his favorite elements of his new book and offers powerful advice on the most constructive way to deal with rejection and failure in your career.

Conversation Highlights

  • Life lessons learned from BMXing
  • What agency owners and entrepreneurs should be focusing on now in 2021
  • All about Brent’s new book Get Rich in the Deep End
  • How to turn rejection and failure into something positive

Key Podcast Moments

  • [01:34] Roundtable Discussion: Brent’s passion for BMX and cycling
  • [05:35] Roundtable Discussion: Relating BMX to business… what lessons have you learned?
  • [09:58] What Brent’s seeing in business as a result of coronavirus
  • [12:33] What are agency owners doing now that are helping them be successful?
  • [14:37] Rediscovering the importance of being human for our clients and nurturing relationships
  • [17:56] There must be communication with your clients about your results
  • [18:27] What motivated you to write Get Rich in the Deep End?
  • [21:02] What is “the deep end”?
  • [23:24] Brent’s favorite elements of his book
  • [25:13] Advice on dealing with rejection and failure
  • [30:25] How to connect with Brent + The perfect person to reach out to him today

Magic Marketing Quotes from our Guest

  • “Every time we got more clear about who we serve and there was more alignment between that kind of focus and who we wanted to be, the faster our business grew, the easier it was, the more profitable it was, the more we were recognized in our market as an authority, and it just made business overall better.”
  • “I look at rejection as really powerful, constructive feedback.”
  • “If you can find joy in the failure and in the rejection and make it a good thing, then I think you’re going to have a lot more fun being an entrepreneur.”

Resources Mentioned

About Our Guest

Brent leads the vision for UGURUS and creates educational programs that help agency owners work on their business to drive additional revenues, increase profits, and create freedom in their life. He built his first website at 15 and created his first web-design business at 17. That company grew into a successful, 14-person web agency that was acquired in 2012. Brent has helped thousands of other web professionals master business skills and has made more than $10mm as an entrepreneur. Married with two sons, Brent enjoys his road bike and swimming laps. His favorite program? Google Chrome.

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