Our Guest: Brent Weaver, CEO at UGurus, LLC

Although many agency owners get into the business accidentally, being a successful agency owner takes more luck. In this information-packed episode, UGurus CEO Brent Weaver shares the keys he learned about building and growing an agency from scratch…or in his case, from high school.

Get ready for a roller coaster ride of agency highs, really uncomfortable lows, and lessons learned that can help your agency stay on track.

Conversation Highlights

  • Roundtable Discussion: Entrepreneurship as a kid and jun
  • Making the leap from part-time agency to full-time agency hustle
  • Scaling too quickly: How Brent went from a promising agency to nearly broke
  • How Brent’s business recovered and came back stronger than ever
  • The top agency mistakes your business is probably making-and how to fix them
  • A real-life case study of an agency owner who completely transformed his business with Brent’s agency help

Key Podcast Moments

  • [1:35] Roundtable Discussion: What was it like to have a business as a teen?
  • [5:24] Roundtable Discussion: Should kids get involved in entrepreneurship? Were your parents supportive of your entrepreneurship as a kid?
  • [11:00] Brent’s agency origin story: From part-time freelancing student to agency owner who left school and his turnaround story
  • [16:16] Brent shares how he used his experience to teach others
  • [21:40] What are common problems you see when agency owners?

Magic Marketing Quotes from our Guest

  • ”My business partner was actually in lunch detention.”
  • “I always had the interest to sell stuff.”
  • “When kids made friendship bracelets, I tried to turn it into a factory.”
  • “ I think my understanding of entrepreneurship was underrated.”
  • “We had the cool conference table with the flat pane; and..the ping pong table.”
  • “We don’t teach our clients how to do sales. We teach them how to win deals.”
  • “…one of the biggest problems we find is clarity.”

Resources Mentioned

About Our Guest

Brent Weaver began a website-building business while in high school that eventually became an agency after he left college to make it full-time. That business scaled quickly, but eventually hit a rough patch. Through coaching and persistence, Brent and his business partner turned things around and used that experience as a guide to help other struggling agency owners. Currently, Brent is the CEO  of uGurus, LLX.

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