Our Guest: Carlos Gill, Founder and CEO of Gil Media, Author, Keynote Speaker and Social Media Consultant.

You have heard that most high school dropouts end up being unsuccessful but what if they do become successful?

In this interesting and eye-opening episode, Carlos Gil shares his story of success and how he managed to become successful given the fact that he was a high school dropout. Carlos enlightens the audience on how agency owners should act during this current health crisis, COVID19 as well as gives advice for those who wants to start up an agency.

Conversation Highlights:

  • Roundtable Discussion: High school dropout
  • Roundtable Discussion: Support from his parents was limited
  • The three paths by Carlos for youngsters
  • How Carlos went from the banking world to starting his own video company
  • Advice to those who wish to start up an agency
  • How agency owners should face the healthcare crisis
  • How Carlos himself faces the healthcare crisis
  • How to present yourself to the audience

Key Podcast Moments:

  • [00.01.28] – “Roundtable Discussion”: Discuses how been a high school dropout was not a barrier for his journey.
  • [00.07.18] – “Roundtable Discussion”: Shares with the audience that his parents were not very supportive of his decision to dropout.
  • [00.14.05] – Three paths taught by Carlos as a mentor.
  • [00.15.44] – Shares with the audience how he went from the banking world to starting up his own video company.
  • [00.18.00] – “Key Co-Tasks” for those who want to start up an agency.
  • [00.19.53] – Advice given by Carlos for agency owners in the time of healthcare crisis, COVID19.
  • [00.22.27] – Carlos shares with the audience how he faces the healthcare crisis.
  • [00.23.58] – Carlos enlightens the audience on how important it is to become a “people person”.

Magic Marketing Quotes:

  • “As you get older, you feel more comfortable in your skin”
  • “Failure is not a bad thing, Failure is a Myth”
  • “I wasn’t really turning down any opportunities coming my way and started realizing that I can make money working on my own than working for a 9 to 5”
  • “Think about how you can take your existing resources and still leverage them even if the profile of your client has changed”
  • “You have to keep moving forward. You have a conscious decision to make, either I sit here and lick my wounds and complain to the world…. or I just got to keep moving forward.”
  • “Always play your best because you never know who’s seeing you play for the first time.”

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About Our Guest:

Carlos Gil, as he stands today is a successful entrepreneur. Although been a high school dropout he managed to become a millionaire simply because of his will to make his own money. Carlos started with the banking world, went through a series of jobs only to realize that he didn’t fit for a corporate job so he turned towards entrepreneurship. Today he is the Founder and CEO of the “Gil Media”, a full-service digital marketing firm. He is also a keynote speaker, social media consultant and an author (“End Of Marketing”).

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