Our Guest: Chris Williams, CEO of Elite Agency and Senthold

In this episode, Chris Williams discusses his journey in the agency industry and details what enabled him to stop working long days and start working only a few hours a week while spending quality time traveling the world with his wife and five children. Want to know how you can work less and get paid more, without any gimmicks or BS?

Tune in to learn what commonly hinders agency owners from growing their agency, one simple and cheap way you can cut your work hours, and what you’d gain from working with Chris and Elite Agency.

Conversation Highlights

  • How Chris was able to pivot from working 16 hour days to 4 hour days to 30 minute days
  • The powerful role of a virtual assistant in Chris’s work life
  • The shift in his deliverables + Why he started to help other agencies
  • Two ways Elite Agency coaches agency owners
  • The most common struggle that holds agencies back from growing

Key Podcast Moments

  • [1:28] Roundtable Discussion: Riding 10,000 miles… on a skateboard?
  • [2:39] Roundtable Discussion: Adventure traveling the world with five kids
  • [4:23] Roundtable Discussion: The moment Chris realized he could pivot to working while traveling
  • [5:39] Roundtable Discussion: Living in other countries is so much cheaper!
  • [7:29] How Chris got started in the agency industry
  • [10:00] Who were the team members that were allowing you to decrease your work time and increase your pay?
  • [11:41] What were your deliverables back then?
  • [12:02] When did you have the epiphany of wanting to help other agencies?
  • [13:30] What enables you to work such few hours?
  • [16:04] Their current deliverables for clients + Thoughts on what to charge and who to work with
  • [18:33] Steps of their hiring and screening process
  • [22:00] The two ways they coach agency owners
  • [25:40] The most common thing that agencies don’t see is keeping them from advancing + Why
  • [29:32] Best ways to contact Chris
  • [30:19] The perfect person to reach out to him today

Magic Marketing Quotes from our Guest

  • “I went from 16 hour work days down to 4 hour work days in less than 3 months just by dialing in who I was prospecting for, only committing to a workflow that was easy to replicate, and only teaching a staff that worked well.”
  • “Most of us just don’t have the self-awareness to see that we’re the problem… Management problems, employee problems, finance problems, system problems, all of those are boss problems.”

Resources Mentioned

About Our Guest

Chris Williams has over 20 years of experience in entrepreneurship, for-profit leadership, and socially responsible market engagement. He has helped businesses build wealth; companies strengthen productive corporate culture; and leaders develop innovative winning strategies. His expertise includes strategic planning, leadership development, and accountable execution.

Chris specializes in for-profit companies in high-risk situations, such as high-growth opportunities, startup business consulting, key leadership or ownership transitions, and potential bankruptcy. He has advised on hundreds of for-profit ventures and personally started, purchased or sold dozens of ventures.

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