Our guest: Clayton Joyner, customer experience designer, product developer

In this episode, Clayton Joyner from Turbo medical marketing tells his story on how they made the Inc 5,000 list for their work that they did in 2019. He also shares his experience on how he started his journey in marketing and how it helped him to launch their own agency.

Conversation Highlights

  • How Clayton had the idea of being a model
  • How sales led Clayton in the marketing
  • Animated videos getting huge
  • Launching their own agency
  • Winning the Inc 5,000 fastest growing companies

Key Podcast Moments

  • [4:28] Roundtable Discussion: Clayton was an aspiring model at one time in his early life.
  • [10:37] The journey that Clayton started on in this marketing path
  • [13:08] What helped him with guerilla marketing
  • [16:58] How he wrote a whole manual about sales program on how to sell and put a system together
  • [20:11] Getting a deal with Hertz
  • [21:06] Story behind launching their own agency
  • [24:41] Teaming up with someone that is an expert in ClickFunnels and digital marketer
  • [25:28] Things they did that led to that massive growth
  • [29:45] Creating intersection between creativity and technology

Magic Marketing Quotes from our Guest

  • “Pick a segment you want to serve. You don’t have to serve them all. And I typically recommend going into the higher ticket segment.”
  • “What helped us get it to where we’re at now is really honing in on customer experience and the infrastructure and becoming scalable on the back end so that we can replicate that same experience.”

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