Our Guest: Cliff Almeida, Founder of My Web Audit

In this intriguing episode, Chris is joined by Cliff Almeida, Founder of My Web Audit. Cliff will share his immigrant story, how he immigrated from India to USA. Cliff will share his ideas on the contribution of immigrants to the global economy. Cliff will give insights on value-based work and profitable models.

Conversation Highlights:

  • Immigrant story of Cliff Almeida
  • Focus of his company My Web Audit
  • Value based work
  • Transition to more profitable models
  • “My Web Audit”

Key Podcast Moments:

  • [02.05] – “Roundtable Discussion”: Immigrant story
  • [06.20] – “Roundtable Discussion”: Cliff shares his ideas on the impact by immigrants to the global economy.
  • [09.43] – Transition from working for the government to deciding to run a digital agency.
  • [11.43] – Focus of his company: ‘Building high end converting websites for companies.’
  • [12.34] – Cliff shares how his company eventually pivoted to do value-based work.
  • [14.31] – Transition to more profitable models.
  • [16.41] – “In terms of hiring, who are some of the people that you brought into your organization that really helped you build the agency of your dreams?”
  • [20.00] – Process of determining / identifying a better executive assistant or VA.
  • [21.36] – “The results”
  • [22.46] – Moment when Cliff thought that a change needs to be done.
  • [25.20] – “My Web Audit”
  • [28.50] – Best ways to get in contact with Cliff Almeida.
  • [29.37] – Best person to reach out to Cliff.

Magic Marketing Quotes from our Guest:

  • “Making money isn’t the only thing that you should be looking at.”
  • “When I started this, I started developing on my own before I could hire someone.”
  • “A successful salesperson can help their customers in vision, what success looks like.”

Resources Mentioned:

About Our Guest:

Cliff Almeida as he stands today, is the Founder and CEO of My Web Audit. From being an immigrant from India to being the Founder of a company in USA, Cliff’s story is truly inspiring. My Web Audit is a company that helps web agencies and SEOs get more leads and close more deals faster and easier.

Get in contact with Cliff Almeida:

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