Our Guest: Dennis Yu, CEO of BlitzMetrics, digital marketer, speaker and agency builder.

In this interesting episode, Dennis Yu gives an insight about his journey, how he was a cross country runner initially but later, went to become the CEO of BlitzMetrics. Taking the current situation in to consideration, Dennis also shares the fact that there’ll always be a winning person in a losing industry.

Conversation Highlights:

  • The experience Dennis gained through cross country running and the training he went through
  • Role of BlitzMetrics
  • Importance of “Documentation”
  • What a lighthouse is
  • What BANT is
  • Perfect people to contact Dennis Yu

Key Podcast Moments:

  • [00.01.09] – “Roundtable Discusssion”: Experiences Dennis gained by cross country running
  • [00.05.07] – “Roundtable Discussion”: Training Dennis had to go through for cross country running
  • [00.08.31] – “Roundtable Discussion”: Host, Chris shares about the training he went through and the skills he’s got
  • [00.11.31] – Role of BlitzMetrics; To help people start, grow, and scale their digital marketing agency for local service businesses
  • [00.14.46] – “What are some of the things that are working for your agencies as well as your clients right now”
  • [00.18.54] – Dennis shares the importance of “Documentation”
  • [00.21.48] – “Lighthouse” is a repeatable public example with a client, talking about how they did it.
  • [00.26.29] – Dennis shares with the audience that it is a waste of time trying to convince people who would wait until Coronavirus ends
  • [00.30.17] – “BANT”; Budget, Authority, Need and Timing

Magic Marketing Quotes from our Guest:

  • “There is no better time than now to be able to help ailing local businesses”
  • “If we put the right training out there, that brings together the DEMAND”
  • “Ultimately it’s your personal brand that’s helping to drive the business”
  • “In any particular industry, there is always going to be people that are wining even if the overall industry is down”
  • “You don’t want to lose a client for the bad reason because you did a bad job”

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About Our Guest:

Dennis Yu, is a successful entrepreneur who started his journey as a cross country runner, gained both experiences and training and later, went on to become the CEO of BlitzMetrics. BlitzMetrics is digital marketing company which partners with schools to train young adults and the mission of Dennis is to provide education at no cost to students. Dennis is also a digital marketer, speaker and agency builder.

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