In this episode, Chris Martinez talks about seven reasons why you absolutely should not start a digital agency. He believes that if you have at least three of these seven qualities, then you should hold back from starting or retaining an agency. That way, you can have a much more fulfilling and happy life doing something else.

If you’re planning to put up an agency or if you already have one, watch out for these seven signs and try to re-assess where you currently stand before it’s too late.

Discussion Points:

  • 0:00 Introduction 
  • 7:30 You can’t delay gratification and you don’t have discipline 
  • 9:46 You love the shiny objects more than the non-sexy stuff 
  • 11:37 You’re not good at processes 
  • 12:55 You just want to sell but you don’t want to learn 
  • 15:02 You don’t want to lead 
  • 17:21 You don’t have a high pain tolerance, you only like an easy life 
  • 20:07 No love of learning