Are you concerned about keeping your customers happy and satisfied with your agency’s service? 

Your customer experience team plays a very important role to accomplish that. 

You see, after suffering a 16% customer churn rate, our customer experience team managed to get it down to 2%. And this has dramatically changed our agency business for the best. 

Now, if you’re interested in learning how we, at DUDE, measure our customer experience team’s success and know the KPIs that we have placed to gauge it. I highly recommend this episode to you.

Discussion Points:

  • 0:00 Introduction 
  • 2:08 Clients cancelling was a problem for DUDE 
  • 5:00 The main responsibility of a customer experience team 
  • 5:17 Formula to determine customer lifetime value
  • 7:17 Tasks of the customer experience team 
  • 9:05 The red zone 
  • 11:51 Identifying what clients love vs. what drives them to cancel 
  • 12:03 Three major reasons clients cancel and what to do about it
  • 15:13 Cancellations are a lagging metric 
  • 17:10 The CX dashboard 
  • 21:02 Mapping out the customer journey
  • 24:33 Incentivize your CX team using retention as a benchmark