Here’s a secret. The things that helped with the success of your business up until 2021, aren’t going to work anymore.

Just like many business owners, I can feel the new changes that are arising in the digital agency space. You’re probably thinking, “Chris, how are we going to get through 2022?” 

It’s crucial that you are equipped with the essential strategies to get your digital agency from surviving to thriving. Are you experiencing slowdowns in leads? Are your close rates aren’t where they used to be? Are you having a hard time retaining staff? The answers to fix these issues are in this episode.

Discussion Points:

00:00 Introduction
03:35 Digital Agency 2.0
06:08 What Separates A Good Business from Great Business?
07:24 Understanding Gross Margins
11:36  Diversifying Your Team
15:06 Final Thoughts
17:18 Outro