Agency owners are notorious for not paying themselves enough. They can also struggle to scale their business and incomes, whilst continuing to serve their clients at the same time.

I chat with Robert Craven, managing director of The Directors’ Centre and founder of GYDA Initiative, and we uncover his unique, innovative strategy for assisting agencies in effectively scaling their businesses.

If you’re an agency owner looking for the answer to make your agency profitable and grow massively, you’ll want to tune into this episode.

Discussion Points:

0:00 Introduction
02:25 – Robert’s Background Story
04:06 – Robert’s Motivator to Help Agency Owners
06:28 – Robert’s Long-term Strategy for Agency Owners
08:08 – Strategy #1: Give Yourself A Performance Rating
08:32 – Strategy #2: Determine Your Purpose
09:31 – Strategy #3: Set Your Goals
09:53 – Strategy #4: Mark Your Milestones
10:07 – Strategy #5: The “Devil’s Pawn”
10:22 – Strategy #6: Map Out Your Plan
14:16 – Agency Owners Having Difficulties to Change their Strategy
15:44 – Hidden Traps that Keeping Agency Owners get to the Next Level
20:17 – Roleplay Scenario: The 90-day Fix for an Agency Owner
31:00 – ‘My Best Year Yet’ Process
32:17 – Final Thoughts and Insights
33:27 – Outro