Do you want to learn what science considers the success factors of businesses?

In the episode, Darryl Urbanski shares the outstanding research they’ve done about habit building and performance optimization that could help individuals skyrocket their business success.

We also talk about what motivated him to do the study, the team of researchers behind it, the tools they’ve used, and the excellent results they got from it.

If you’re interested to learn the 8 habits you need to focus on so you and your agency can thrive successfully, then you’re going to want to listen to this episode!

Discussion Points:

00:00 Intro

04:22 Discovering What Daryl’s Life Purpose Is

06:10 Daryl’s Digital Marketing Background and Experience

08:19 Daryl’s Motivation in Doing the 8 Habits Study

11:09 Putting Up Daryl’s Team

13:07 Habit No. 1: Self-efficacy

13:30 Authoritative Tools and Measurements Used

16:35 8 Common Habits of Success

17:45 Habit No. 2: Strategic Planning

18:01 Habit No. 3: Market Intelligence

18:30 Habit No. 4&5: Marketing Strategy, Sales Strategy and Skills

18:51 Habit No. 6: Money Management

19:10 Habit No. 7: Business Operations

19:34 Habit No. 8: Business Intelligence

19:56 Biggest Challenges that Agency Owners Face

22:37 How The 8 Habits of Success Can Help Make it Easier

28:02 How to Get Access to the 8 Habits study

29:01 The Perfect Person to Start on  The Study

33:16 Final Thoughts

33:48 Outro