One of the things I hated doing as a leader was conducting meetings. When I started my agency, I sucked at it and felt like it did not contribute any significance to the work we did. That was until I learned how to do it right and see firsthand the numerous advantages conducting regular meetings brought to our company. 

In today’s podcast episode, I talk about the Daily Deadline Meeting. This episode is the first of the podcast series 3 Meetings You Run In Your Agency. I discuss and share with you the measure of a successful meeting and why people dread meetings. I also talk about how we, at DUDE, conduct our daily deadline meetings and the advantages of doing so. 

Any agency or business owner who feels reluctant about conducting their meetings or is just unsure how to do it right can learn a thing or two from this podcast. Tune in to this today! 

Discussion Points:

  • 0:00 Introduction 
  • 2:51 How is it that most people run your meeting 
  • 3:22 Measure of a successful meeting 
  • 3:44 People don’t understand the WHY 
  • 4:37 Inconsistency makes meetings so hard 
  • 5:28 Long meetings 
  • 5:43 Too much information into one meeting 
  • 6:21 The daily deadline meeting 
  • 8:40 How DUDE runs their daily deadline meeting 
  • 9:52 Advantages of conducting daily deadlines meeting   
  • 12:29 Time frame of the meeting 
  • 12:58 What happens if someone has a challenge?
  • 15:38 Being able to reset expectations with the client 
  • 18:03 When DUDE started doing their daily deadline meetings 
  • 19:01 Doing something different in this meeting  
  • 22:34 Typical format of a meeting