One of the common things that I see among CEO’s is that most of them do not know what’s going on in their departments. This lack of insight into what’s happening limits your ability as a CEO to foresee problems that you could prevent before it turns into a huge mess. So if you aim to become a  better leader, you need to conduct a regular meeting with the people who comprise your leadership team to get a hold of important stuff you need to know about. 

This type of meeting is what I discuss in the third and last episode of the series 3 Meetings You Must Run in Your Agency. I share how we conduct a weekly leadership meeting and what we cover during that meeting. I also talk about how crucial the role of a CEO is and how leadership teams help make CEOs accountable, and a lot more. 

Those who occupy leadership roles in an agency will benefit from listening to this episode. Tune in now! 

Discussion Points:

  • 0:00 Introduction 
  • 2:36 The non-sexy stuff separates successful agencies from those that aren’t 
  • 4:30 Breakdown of the different departments in your agency 
  • 6:13 Who is involved in the weekly leadership meeting 
  • 6:46 Weekly leadership meeting timeframe
  • 7:19 What does the weekly leadership meeting cover 
  • 16:30 The role of the CEO 
  • 18:30 How the leadership teams make the CEO accountable 
  • 19:56 Recommendations for agencies that don’t have weekly leadership meetings yet 

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