Hiring, in general, is a challenge for 99.99% of agency owners. That next team member is crucial to your agency’s growth and success. But who should you hire exactly? And what are the signs you need to start hiring? 

Chris answers these questions in detail in this episode. He also talks about the bottlenecks that you can have as an agency owner and how you can use those as a way to identify who you need to hire next. 

Tune in to this episode and learn how you can be more efficient in scaling your labor.

Discussion Points:

  • 0:00 Introduction 
  • 2:00 Look at the departments in your agency 
  • 3:37 Look at the bottlenecks and create an actual plan to fix those 
  • 6:02 Think about the things you suck at 
  • 9:17 Two important things Chris learned over the past years 
  • 10:20 Your Pro Forma as a guide for your growth 
  • 14:40 Inconsistent sales means you’re not going to grow 
  • 15:31 Project manager 
  • 16:18 Customers churn – customer experience person 
  • 18:40 Finance manager 
  • 20:19 An HR person 
  • 21:10 CEO 
  • 24:25 Recommendations for those with limited budgets for hiring

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