Our Guest: Eric Siu, Entrepreneur, Marketing Guru and CEO of Single Grain

In this interesting episode, Eric Siu shares his inspiring story as to how he built a million-dollar company which he bought for $2 and afterwards pivoted from a SEO company to a Content Marketing company. Eric also shares as to how he managed to get an Economic major although he was more interested in playing poker than in studies. Through his success story Eric gives important advices to all agency owners out there in order to succeed.

Tune in with us as Eric shares his journey to success.

Conversation Highlights:

  • Roundtable Discussion: Poker player
  • Roundtable Discussion: Being above average is better
  • Role of Single Grain
  • How Eric went from a SEO company to a content marketing company
  • What his biggest mistake was
  • Role of an Integrator
  • Lack of Ethnic Diversity
  • Future of Single Grain
  • Advice for all agency owners

Key Podcast Moments:

  • [00.01.09] – “Roundtable Discussion”: Eric gives the audience an insight on his college life, how he was more interested in Poker than in studies.
  • [00.06.10] – “Roundtable Discussion”: Eric emphasizes on the fact that being above average is better.
  • [00.07.44] – Explaining the role of Single Grain, Eric says that they are mainly a paid media agency which focusses on working with big tech companies.
  • [00.11.11] – Eric shares with the audience that pivoting from a SEO company to a Content Marketing company didn’t work at first however according to Eric Paid Media option took off easily.
  • [00.12.56] – Currently used strategy: Paid Traffic
  • [00.15.06] – Eric shares that the biggest mistake he did was to think he knew everything and that he was not connected to people.
  • [00.17.32] – Integrator; key people in Eric’s organization
  • [00.21.06] – Eric shares his opinion on the lack of Ethnic Diversity in terms of CEOs’ running digital companies.
  • [00.25.55] – Future of Single Grain
  • [00.27.13] – “Non-delegating and thinking that you are the number one at everything”, is the biggest mistake done by agency owners.

Magic Marketing Quotes:

  • “If you wanna compete, you wanna be the best”
  • “Once you learned the system, you can figure it out”
  • “I think if you are really good as a marketer, you should be charging for a pay for performance model
  • “A lot of experiences, learning from other people’s experiences has led me to where I am”
  • “80% are Visionary and 20% are Integrators”

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About Our Guest:

Eric Siu, as he stands today Eric is a successful entrepreneur, marketing guru and the CEO of Single Grain, a company he bought for $2 but as of now is a million-dollar company. By learning from his experiences and the experiences of other people Eric managed to pivot from a SEO company to a Content Marketing company.

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