Our Guest: Franbeau Beduya, Managing Director at Agency Rocket Fuel & Managing Partner at Augmen Digital

In this episode, Franbeau Beduya tells his story of immigration to the US from the Philippines and how his background in industrial engineering helped him in building and scaling two successful digital marketing agencies. He also shares his candid thoughts on the biggest mistakes agency owners are making and offers advice for business owners on how to improve your hiring process and overall business operations.

Conversation Highlights

  • The hardships and culture shock of immigrating as a kid
  • Racism and underrepresentation in the digital marketing industry
  • How Franbeau and his partner started their agencies
  • Powerful tips for hiring talent, leading a team, and improving operations
  • How his engineering background helped him in business

Key Podcast Moments

  • [02:08] Roundtable Discussion: Franbeau’s immigration story
  • [03:29] Roundtable Discussion: Living without his mother from age 7-12
  • [05:03] Roundtable Discussion: What fuels his passion for creating remote-jobs, especially in the Philippines
  • [05:57] Roundtable Discussion: What it was like to move from the Philippines to Bakersfield, California
  • [07:42] Roundtable Discussion: Racism and underrepresentation in the digital marketing industry
  • [10:05] About Agency Rocket Fuel and Augmen Digital
  • [11:30] The story behind how his agencies got started
  • [12:46] Systems and processes people were initially asking Franbeau to help them with
  • [13:52] What has changed since their launch: Hiring great talent
  • [15:26] Biggest mistakes people make in their hiring process
  • [17:58] What causes business owners to hire out of desperation?
  • [20:56] How agency owners can do better on in operations
  • [25:03] What the future holds for Franbeau and his agencies
  • [26:15] How Franbeau’s education in industrial engineering gave him the framework for digital marketing agency ownership
  • [28:08] How to connect with Franbeau + The perfect person to reach out to him today

Magic Marketing Quotes from our Guest

  • “Before… we would just help them build the systems, but we were finding that once they had the systems, they needed the clarity to really grow their business. So, we started hiring people that actually had agency experience aside from me and Reinart.”
  • “I think a lot of agency owners can benefit if, before they start leading a team, they can lead themselves. Self-leadership needs to come in first.”

Resources Mentioned

About Our Guest

Franbeau helps Marketing Agency Owners become the LEADER and OWNER (not Operator) of their business by removing them from fulfillment through systems, automation, and an empowered team.

He and his partner achieve this transformation through their “D.E.C.A.O. Fulfillment Formula” which helps 6 & 7 figure agency owners transform their business from time-sucking liabilities into a well-oiled profit-producing machine.

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