Our Guest: Greg Hickman, Founder of System.Ly

Are you tired of running your agency the traditional way? You are in for a treat today. According to our guest today, the secret lies in having a product you can sell to four or more people in different wrappers.

Greg Hickman gives us perfect examples of how one can transition from the traditional ways of running an agency to the productized services.

Listen in and learn.

Conversation Highlights:

  • The roundtable discussion: What was like for Greg to grow up in New Jersey?
  • How Greg transitioned from the corporate world to running his agency
  • The beginning of productized services for Greg
  • Examples of one to many product offering
  • Benefits of productized services
  • How Greg helps struggling agencies

Key Podcast Moments:

  • [01:12] Round table discussion: What it was like for Greg to grow up in New Jersey
  • [06:56]: How Greg got into digital marketing
  • [09:31]: How Greg started a startup consulting company
  • [10:45] What motivated Greg to start his own business?
  • [13:36] How does Greg help agencies?
  • [15:24] Examples of one to many product offering
  • [21:00] Benefits of productized services

Magical Marketing Quotes from the Episode:

  • “The deliverables that you create simplify those so that you can deliver one outcome in like three to four different wrappers.”
  • “Not everybody has the budgets that we all would love people to pay for the done for pieces.”
  • “I look at most agency owners; they’re not good at everything. Like they’re good at one thing, and they don’t even do that thing that much anymore.”
  • “…..his profitability in the backend has become even more powerful because he trained them on the front end.”
  • “We were able to onboard like two to three times as many clients at the same time.”

About Our Guest:

After working in the corporate world for years, Greg Hickman decided to jump into the entrepreneurship wagon. His vision at System.ly was to help client businesses scale using marketing, automation, systems, people, and process.

Connect with Greg:

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