Our Guest: Jared Gold, the Founder of WebsiteByTonight

While many agencies are large, their profit margins may not reflect their size. What is happening to them? In this eye-opening podcast, WebsiteByTonight Founder, Jared Gold discusses the common hire that many agency owners miss… his poker story and achievements.

Get ready for a learning session that will provide insights to transform your agency’s profitability and ignite its growth.

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Conversation Highlights

  • Round table discussions: playing poker and starting a poker blog
  • Gold’s biggest success stories from poker
  • Transforming from poker to starting the WebsiteByTonight
  • Jared’s major hurdles in growing his website
  • A discussion on the common hiring mistakes that agency owners make in the hiring process.

Key Podcast Moments

  • [1:09] Roundtable discussion: how did you start playing poker while in high school? Starting a poker blog
  • [4:37] Roundtable discussion:  Jared talks about his biggest success stories from poker
  • [11:51] Jared shares how he got the idea and started the WebsiteByTonight
  • [14:52] Jared’s biggest hurdles in growing their agency website
  • [17:12] The common mistakes that many agency owners are making in hiring

Magic Marketing Quotes from our Guest

  • “Poker is absolutely a game of intense skill. What makes it so magical is on any given day, the worst player, Chris Moneymaker into is not the worst player. He can beat the best player in the world.”
  • “Just because you do a certain category of a thing doesn’t mean you can do anything in that category.”
  • “I think getting out of my own way and bringing on people …I can focus on creating an actual like a machine as opposed to being like one person workhorse which doesn’t really scale
  • “The biggest thing is: many agencies are like they can deliver great work, but they operate out of extreme speed and fear because they want to make the client happy.”

About Our Guest

Jared Gold began playing poker while in high school and later started a blog on the same. He then transformed into agency business and started the WebsiteByTonight. Jared helps agencies and small businesses to create simple websites.

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