Our Guest: Jason Swenk Agency Mentor and Co-Founder of Sales Pipeline Accelerator

  • Isn’t selling your agency for a lot of money the dream of agency owner?
  • Not for Jason Swenk. After building his agency to an extremely profitable business, he sold it.
  •  He realized though, the dream wasn’t what he thought…so he dived back in and found a bigger why then selling money

Conversation Highlights

  • Having a winning attitude to manage a successful digital agency
  • Life after selling your agency
  • Getting clear on what your agency is and who it serves
  • Differentiation: Why it’s the key for clients that need help but don’t know where to go
  • Pivoting: When is the right time to pivot your agency?

Key Podcast Moments

  • [1:34] Roundtable Discussion: Can being a college athlete make you a better entrepreneur?
  • [5:13] Qhat if you’re not competitive?
  • [8:12] The origin story of Jason’s agency life
  • [12:40] What are the biggest challenges in agency owners right now?
  • [16:27] Are people building agencies for the right reasons?
  • [18:49] How can my agency stand out?
  • [20:11] How do you decide when to pivot your business

Magic Marketing Quotes from our Guest

  • “Sports teaches [us] how to quit.”
  • “If you don’t believe you are the best, do you think anybody else is?”
  • “Almost all agency owners are accidental.”
  • “I remember my first client asking me to send an invoice. I didn’t even know what an invoice was.”
  • “I couldn’t start an agency for two years.”
  • “We all think too small.”
  •  “They (clients)  just say “ I want to be a big agency’ but they don’t have a definition.”
  • “It’s about offering something at the right time at the right price.”
  • “You can only do your best at this current moment.”
  • “No one can tell you what niche you need to pick. Only you can.”
  • “It’s [Niches] like having a Vegas breakfast  You have ti try everything.”
  • “Sometimes you have to take a deep step back  and then it’s clear as day what you need to do.”

Resources Mentioned

About Our Guest

Jason Swenk is a podcaster, consultant, speaker, and author who built and sold a highly successful agency in 12 years.

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