Our Guest: Jeff Miller, Owner of Agency Scaling Secrets 

In this week’s episode, we are joined by Jeff Miller, owner of Agency Scaling Secrets. Jeff began his journey in the newspaper with his father before working for a Fortune 500 company. As he grew tired of the instability, he then set in motion the birth of his ad agency and creating Facebook ads.

Conversation Highlights

  • Reinventing yourself during a pandemic
  • Offering customer research as a service rather than expertise
  • Building a diverse team

Segment Timestamps: 

  • [01:10] Introduction to Jeff Miller
  • [02:20] Roundtable Discussion: Starting off in newspaper
  • [05:06] Roundtable Discussion: Learning new skill sets by writing ads
  • [07:05] Roundtable Discussion: Progressing from print to ads
  • [10:18] The origins of building an ad agency
  • [15:54] Reinventing yourself during Covid
  • [21:04] Lessons learned during Covid
  • [25:24] What is your team going to look like in the next 12 months?
  • [28:01] Get in contact with Jeff Miller

Quotes from our guest

  • “You don’t have to worry about going hungry if you know how to hunt. But if you’ve never learned how to hunt, you’ll always worry about getting hungry”
  • “Most people spend so much time in the books, they forgot you’re supposed to go out and go hunt”
  • “You’re supposed to fail. You’re supposed to figure it out”
  • “The ask method: write 5 questions to the right people. Needs wants, fears, goals, what they hate and what they’ve tried then they’ll give you the keys to their wallet”

Get in contact with Jeff Miller

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